IN THE FUTURE the ‘book’ will have completely disappeared and..

You: Book?  What is a “book”?  Oh, that thing with letters, phrases, paragraphs and chapters that we could download on a Kindle back in the day?

(below: “Kindle” device, circa 2016.)

If you’d let me finish.. digital book readers we’re discontinued when people started to listen to audio books instead, but the ancestor to the digital book (or “Kindle”) was an actual physical book, it was made of paper pages with words written on them..

(below: side view of “paper” pages.)

You: Books were made from what?  Paper pages?  What is “paper”?  Paper is made from trees? Trees?  What are “trees”?

Forget it.. you’re probably not even reading this to begin with, since reading was outlawed by ‘The Man’ back in 2055.


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