IN THE FUTURE the ‘television’ will be an amalgamation of a desktop computer merged with an adjustable recliner.

(above: artist rendering of the telecliner.)

The aim of this invention is to enable North Americans to be able to do all of their favorite (and non-favorite) activities from one singular location.  The final component to make this day come to pass is the invention of the “hard light keyboard”.

(above: the Hard Light Keyboard “HLK” invented by L’Aight! K. Hardley in 2026.)

As to be expected, the invention  will cause a few drawbacks in modern society, such as; an increased rate of cancer due the constant proximity to electronic devices, diabetes and muscle atrophy.

On the plus side, cybersex will make a huge comeback, which will eradicate all sexually transmitted diseases by the late 21st century (a.k.a. the Anno Domini era), while having the adverse effect of a 56% rise in elbow and wrist tendinitis.


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